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We hope these FAQs will provide you with the answers you may have about our driver education course. If you have any questions that have not been answered, please do not hesitate to contact:
Why are SHANI Driving School prices so much lower than other driving schools? Do more expensive schools offer more to their students?
All SHANI Driving School puts their students first, trying to keep prices as low as possible. All driving schools that are approved by the Ministry of Transportation have the same certificate provided at the end of course completion, no schools can offer a greater or lesser insurance deductible. Since SHANI DRIVING SCHOOL has been around for years the company does not need to put money towards advertising their name. Our advertising is done through word of mouth, we are very thankful for the recommendations we have received from past students and their parents. SHANI driving school is well known for producing strong and confident drivers, we are well respected driving school in the region.
1. What is the driver’s license history?
The Driver’s License History provides proof of successful completion of and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of course completion. BDE Graduates with a Driver’s License History may be eligible for an insurance discount.
2. Can I take my G2 road test in 8 months?
Yes, if you successfully complete a Driver Beginner Education course.
3. Can I start my driver training course immediately?
Yes, you may even start driving on the roads before the in-class sessions with your G1
4. Can I start the course without a G1 license yet?
Yes, we will prepare you to pass the knowledge/written test for the Driver’s Examination Centre.
5. Can I drive with my G2 on the highway?
Yes, anytime, anywhere.
6.How much does a full course cost?
The cost of the course is $550.00 INCLUDING tax for guelph and cambridge for waterloo and kitchener $450 including tax.
7. When and where are the courses offered?
AT SHANI Driving Schools location. Please check the schedules for specific dates and times.
We also can customize your in-class training according to your schedule.
8.How long do I have to complete the entire course?
The course must be completed within 12 months of starting date.
10.How can I pay?
You can pay by Cash, Cheque ,Visa, Master card.( for credit card charges apply)
11. How much time will I actually spend in a car?
You will spend 10 hours behind the wheel in automatic .
12.can I take all 10 hours in one day?
No. The minimum for a lesson is 1 hour with a maximum of 2 hours of in-car training within a 24-hour time period.
13.How many hours of classroom instruction are there in total?
There will be 20 hours of classroom instruction.
14.Do I have to do any homework?
Yes, in order to pass the MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education course you must complete and hand-in 3 assignments .
14.How many students will be in my class?
There will be a minimum of 5 up to a maximum of 20 students.
15.How many people will be in the car?
The in-car lessons are one-on-one (just you and the instructor).
16.What is the age requirement to take the course?
Students must have a valid G1 licence to start any in-car training. A valid G1 licence is not required to start in-class training therefore a student can start before turning 16 (minimum of 15 and 10 months). Note that a course must be completed within 12 months.
17.How long do I have to start my car training apart from the class time?
The first in-car training session must be completed no later than 8 weeks after the last in-class session for acknowledgment by the MTO.
18.Do I need to bring anything to class?
Yes. You need bring your G1 licence if you have one at the time. pens and paper will be provided to you by shani Driving Schools.
19.What if I can’t attend all the sessions in the same course that I signed for?
We are vary flexable,so If you can’t attend a any of the in-class, you can make -up that missing in-class any time in the future according to your schedule.call or text the shani Driving School to find out when you can make-up a class.
20.What if I need to change my in-car schedules?
If you can’t make your in-car booking, call your car instructor to change your time to avoid penalties. You must call 24 hours in advance of the appointment in order to avoid the cancellation fee.
21.When and how do I receive my certificate?
Qualified students will be certified by shani Driving Schools and the certificate will be issued by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). In order to obtain proof of completion of a Beginners Driver Education course for insurance purposes, you must request a “Driver’s Licence History Search” from any Service Ontario location.
22.How many programs are offered for driver training?
We offer different programs . We have driver training courses for beginners that hold a G1 or G2 license, and refresher and re training courses for drivers with a G licence.
The courses include:
Beginner Driving Certificate Program
Driver Re-Training Program
Complete Refresher Program
Refresher Program
Evaluation and Practice
Winter Time Driving Program
Which program is best for me?
G1 Licensed Drivers: If you hold a G1 or you want to get a G1 before you start learning to drive, you can either take the Beginner Driving Certificate Program (BDE Course) .
G2 Licensed Drivers: If you have a G2 or you need to polish your skills before taking a road test, then consider taking the Complete Refresher Program or the Refresher Program.
All Drivers: If you going for a road test or retest for G1 or G2 exit and you want to know if you properly prepared, consider taking the Evaluation and Practice course.
If you have received a letter of driving improvement from the court then you should take the Driver Retraining Program.
Winter Driving: If this is your first winter driving or if you are scared to drive in the winter then the Winter Time Driving Program is your best option.
Here is how it works: You can pay half of the course fee when you start either the 10 hours of flexible interactive training hours or the 20 hours of classroom training (WHICH EVER COMES FIRST). You then pay the outstanding fees on your 1st in-class lesson.(if you want any other payment plane ,we try our best to accomudate you).
23.Are course lessons enough?
If you feel you need extra driving lessons, we have additional driver training packages to offer. Talk to your instructor and ask them to suggest what you need to work on. You can also call our office with any questions you may have. We will help you with any additional training you need.
24.How early can I go for my MTO road test?
If you take our course, you can take your G2 test 8 months from date your G1 license is issued. Otherwise you must wait a minimum of 1 year if you don’t take the course.
25.How do I get to my scheduled road test?
Since you cannot drive alone yet, you will need to find a driver with more than 4 years of driving experience to take you to your test.

25.Who brings me to my road test?
Anyone who has 4 years of experience in Ontario.

26.Can I use my instructor’s car for road test?
Absolutely! You can use the instructor’s car for your road test. The fee to use your instructor’s car will vary depending on which test centre you book your test.
Always try and use a car that you are familiar with when you take your road test. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed during the road test.

27.What is the ministry fees if I fail my road test?
If you fail your first attempt, you will have to pay:
$50.00 for your G1 exit test
$80.00 for your G2 exit
28.Where can I book my road test?
If you are booking your driving test in Ontario you have two options:
Call 1-888-570-6110
Book it on-line at www.drivetest.ca
29.How much Discount will I get on my Insurance with the BDE course certificate?
Insurance discounts vary depending on your insurance company, driving record, age, type of car, etc. Contact your Insurance Company or broker for specific information.
30.What is BDE course?
The BDE course is Beginner Driver Education, but is more commonly known as the Beginner Driving Certificate Program.
31.How long will it take before I get my certificate?
The certificates are processed on-line in a minimum of 24 hours on business once you have successfully completed a BDE course.
32.What if I finish the course on Friday or just before a holiday or long weekend?
Your driving school certificate will be updated on the first business day after the weekend or holiday during regular business hours.
33.Do I receive a certificate for every driver training program?
No. You will only be certified ON-LINE for the Beginner Driving Certificate Program (BDE Course).
34.How i can register for course?
You can register on-line,by phone, or in person in the office (by appointment).
35.Can you customize the in-class training for students
if you are two or more students ,we can do in-class training weekday/weekend evening.
36.what about in-car training.
we are vary flexible in in-car training ,our instructor doing in-car training 7 days a week ,morning to evening.
37.Do you have any referral program

38. Do you have a Lady INSTRUCTOR?

Yes ,we do have a Lady instructor.

If your question does not appear in this list, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to personally address your concerns.

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