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 $485 ,Plus Tax ($550) For Full Course (10 hours in-car,10 hours work book and 20 hours in-class training)

APRIL  2018 Dates Timing         Status
 Weekend classes  



9AM TO 2:30PM  
 Weekend classes 21,22,28,29 9AM TO 2:30PM
 weekdays classes WITH APPOINTMENT


MAY 2018  Dates Timing
 Weekend classes  





9am to 2:30pm registration open
               Weekend classes 19,20,26,27


registration open
evening Classes with appointment registration open
  JUNE 2018 Dates Timing

weekdays  Classes

 with appointment registration open
 Weekend Classes 2,3,9,10 9AM – 2:30PM registration open
 Weekend Classes 16,17,23,24 9AM -2:30 PM registration open
 5PM TO 9PM registration open
 JULY 2018 Dates Timing
  2 weekend classes 7,8,14,15 9AM TO 2PM registration open
2 weekend classes  21,22,28,29 9AM TO 2PM registration open
 registration open
AUGUST 2018 Dates Timing
2 weekend classes 4,5,11,12  9am to 2:30 pm  
     2 Weekend Classes 18,19,25,26 9am to 2:30pm
 4 evening classes 4pm to 9pm    
SEPTEMBER 2018 Dates Timing
2 weekend classes  1,2,8,9 9am to 2:30pm
2 weekend classes 15,16,22,23 9am to 2:30 pm
OCTOBER 2018 Dates Timing
 2 weekend classes 6,7,13,14  9am to  2:30pm  REGISTRATION OPEN
 2 weekend classes 20,21,27,28  9am to  2:30pm

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